Find hidden words Gardening picture puzzle

Find 6 hidden words in this gardening picture puzzle

hidden words in gardening puzzle

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 18th March 2016 in Pictorial Puzzle.
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    Bloom – On the tree behind the fence,
    Dig – Melons (?) in the cart
    Garden – on the cord plants on the left
    Farm – on the plant in front of the girl (red shirt) on the right
    Seed – on the lowest branch of the tallest tomato plant
    vine – on the fence.
    PS (bonus): Should I add ‘News’ which can be formed from the compass?

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 18th March 2016.

    NEWS in not in Order – It is NESW in clockwise, so, it must not be considered

    on 18th March 2016.
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    SreeRoopa Sankararaman Genius Answered on 18th March 2016.
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