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On a new year day, two old friends John and Jacob meet at a party. As they met after a long time Jacob wanted John to guess his birthday. As both friends are not in touch for a long time John was unable to guess his birthday. So Jacob decided to give some hints. Below are the hints:

The day before yesterday I was 30 and next year I will be 33, then Jacob asked John to find his birthday.
Hint: The above condition can be true for only one day in the year

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    On a new year day” is not required in the question. (That itself is a huge hint,)

    His birthday is on 31 December, and the meeting (and the talk) happened on 1st Jan. Hence, day before yesterday, i.e. on 30th Dec., he was 30,  yesterday (31st), he turned 31, and on the last day of this year (31 Dec,), he will turn 32, and hence, next year, he will be 33,

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 23rd May 2021.
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