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One day when I was walking on the road in New Delhi, a group of boys approached me for donation for their poor boys’ fund. I gave them a rupee more than half the money I had in my purse. I must have walked a few more yards when a group of women approaphed me for donations for an orpbange. I gave them two rupees more than half the money I had in my purse. Then, after a few yards I was approached by a religious group for a donation to the temple they were building. .1 gave them three rupees more than half of what I had in my purse.
At last when returned to my hotel room, I found that I had only one rupee remaining in my purse.
How much money did I have in my purse when I started?

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    I must have had Rs 42 in my purse when I started out.

    John123 Expert Answered on 26th July 2015.
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