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Mr. Buttons was all set to go to the village of Buttonland to meet his friend. So, he packed his bags and left for the village at 5 in the morning. Upon travelling on a road for miles, he came across a point where the road diverged into two. He was confused on which road to take. He gazed around and he saw two owls sitting on a branch. He thought he could ask for directions for the village from the two owls. So he went to the tree. There he saw a sign which read, “One owl always lies, and one is always truthful. They both fly away if you ask them more than 1 question.”
Mr. Buttons was caught in the dilemma of what to ask? And from which owl to ask, since he only had one question. What should Mr. Buttons ask?

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    Ask any of the owl, “if I would ask the owl sitting next to you: which is the road to
    the village, what would it answer?”
    If you ask this to the lying owl, it will point you in the wrong way.
    If you ask this to the one who speaks the truth, it will also point you in the wrong way.
    Thus, ask the question and take the other road. You will reach the village.

    anikam Expert Answered on 21st August 2015.
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