Fire & Air ridle


Jacob is hanging out on a heavily forested island that is really narrow: it is a narrow strip of land that is Eight miles long. One End of the strip is A, and the other end B. A fire has started at A and the fire is moving toward B at the rate of 1 mph. at the same time, there is a 2 mph wind blowing in the direction from A toward B. what can Jacob do to save himself. Assume that Jacob can’t swim and there are no boats, jet-copters, teleportation devices, etc.. (if he does nothing, Jacob will be toast after at most 8 hours, since 8 miles / 1 mph = 8 hours)

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    Jacob should use a branch to transport a flame from strip A to strip B. He can use light another fire near the edge of the island. Once that area of strip B has burnt away he can hide over there until the fire eventually dies out.

    Seeker008 Expert Answered on 21st August 2018.


    on 1st March 2019.
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