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Two cyclists began a run, one starting from Delhi and the other starting from Agra. When the riders were 180 miles apart, a fly took an interest. Starting on one cyclists shoulder, the fly flew ahead to meet the other cyclist. After reaching him the fly then turned around and yet back.

The restless fly continued to shuttle back and fourth until the pair met; then settled on the nose of one rider. The flys speed was 30 mph. Each cyclist speed was 15 mph.
How many miles did the fly travel?

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    180 Miles.

    Total distance between cyclist = 180 miles
    Total speed of the cyclist is 15+15=30mph
    Total time taken by the cyclist to meet each other is 180/30 =6h.

    The speed of the fly is 30mph.

    So the total distance traveled by fly is 6*30=180mph

    dyj Expert Answered on 1st March 2019.
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