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Two friends went on for a climbing trip. But only one returned from the vacation and said that his friend slipped off while climbing and died. On investigating, the local sheriff arrested him saying, ‘Your travel agent called. You murdered your friend.’

The man did not inform anyone about the trip. Then how did the agent was so sure that it is a murder?

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    The man who returned had arranged the trip. The arrangement was for a round-trip (to and fro), but he booked the second part (return) for himself only. (Such an ‘odd’ arrangement might raise a flag at the time of booking itself, but he could have played it down saying something like his friend will not be returning with him as he (friend) would be going elsewhere, breaking the trip after the first part. But when the travel agent learned about the death, he knew that the man in question had planned to send his friend “elsewhere” at the time of booking itself.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 4th December 2017.
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