Frost on the Window


Mr. Joun was found dead in his study by Mr. Jacob. Mr. Jacob recounted his misty discovery to the police. “I was walking by Mr. John`s house when I thought I would just pop in for a visit. I noticed his study light was on and I decided to peek in from the outside to see if he was in there. There was frost on the window, so I had to wipe it away to see inside. That is when I saw his body. So I kicked in the front door to confirm my suspicions of foul play. I called the police immediately afterward.” The Police officer immediately arrested Mr. Jacob for the murder of Mr. John. How did he know Mr. Jacob was lying?

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    Frost is formed inside the window.. so Mr. Joun was inside the home when he was cleaning the frost. Hence he was the killer.

    bhola99 Expert Answered on 20th January 2021.
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