Gaggle of geese riddle


Starting with a five letter word, change one letter to create a new word. This word is then changed by one letter to create another new word.

For example, DOG, DIG, FIG etc.

These words in turn mean:

a gaggle of geese
a device for measuring time
what you can do with a mouse
a baby chicken
a device to prevent wheels from moving
a surprise
a small house
a pile of cards
a small piece of wood
unable to move

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  • 2 Answer(s)

    FLOCK = a gaggle of geese,
    CLOCK = a device for measuring time,
    CLICK = what you can do with a mouse,
    CHICK = a baby chicken,
    CHOCK = a device to prevent wheels from moving,
    SHOCK = a surprise,
    SHACK = a small house,
    STACK = a pile of cards,
    STICK = a small piece of wood,
    STUCK = unable to move.

    NitinGurbani Genius Answered on 7th August 2018.
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    Flock, Clock, Click, Chick, Chock, Shock, Shack, Stack. Stick, Stuck

    Seeker008 Expert Answered on 20th August 2018.
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