Give the boy a Escape Plan


The picture above  depicts a man handing from a tree branch with many different ways to die
1. a Snake hangs from the tree waiting to strike if he goes right.
2. a Lion roars hungrily on the ground, near the tree if he tries to go that way.
3. Two crocodiles with giant jaws waiting in the water – seems like they won’t even let him reach the water before tearing him to pieces.


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    There are a number  of solutions –

    Solution 1-

    Use 1 hand to hold the snake then throw on the lion , may be that will scare the lion away.
    You will have a chance to jump and pickup the axe.
    Cut the Loin with axe, feed crocodile and you are free to Escape.

    Solution 2-

    Boy is in Dream, let him wake up and he’ll Escape the dream.

    Solution 3-

    Believe on God and pray 😛

    Detective Expert Answered on 21st August 2015.
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    Solution 1:
    Grab the snake.
    Throw the snake into the water.
    This will keep the crocodiles busy while you drop and swim to another island.
    The lion will not attack you while you swim as we all know cats hate water.

    Solution 2:
    Use the snake to swing over the lion.
    Pick up the axe.
    Kill the lion.
    Then kill the snake
    And then kill the crocodiles
    Then finish chopping down the tree
    Cock all the dead meat
    Nom Nom Nom
    Ace_Killer Starter Answered on 7th April 2016.
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