Gold Chain Puzzle


A man has a gold chain with 7 links. he needs the service of a laborer for 7 days at a fee of one gold link per day.However, each day of work needs to be paid for separately. in other words, the worker must be paid each day after working and if the laborer is ever overpaid he will quit with the extra money. Also he will never allow himself to be owed a link.
Here’s what you have to find:
Question : What is the fewest number of cuts to the chain to facilitate this arrangement and how he will be paid?

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    Solution : Only two cuts required .Break the chain into three parts of length 1,2,4 .Here’s how you can pay the labrorer all 7 days satisfying the above conditions:Day 1 : we give him bar of length 1
    Day 2 : we take back length1 bar and give him the bar of length 2
    Day 3 : we give both the bars of length 1 and 2
    Day 4 : we take back all the bars and give him bar of length 4
    Day 5 : we give him bar of length 1 taking back nothing from him(4+1)
    Day 6 : we take back bar of length 1 and give him bar of length 2.
    Day 7 : we give him all the bars.

    pnikam Expert Answered on 22nd August 2015.
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