Greek philosophers Why does anything exist discussion puzzle


One day three Greek philosophers settled under the shade of an olive tree, opened a bottle of Retsina, and began a lengthy discussion of the Fundamental Ontological Question: Why does anything exist?

After a while, they began to ramble. Then, one by one, they fell asleep.
While the men slept, three owls, one above each philosopher, completed their digestive process, dropped a present on each philosopher’s forehead, the flew off with a noisy “hoot.”

Perhaps the hoot awakened the philosophers. As soon as they looked at each other, all three began, simultaneously, to laugh. Then, one of them abruptly stopped laughing. Why?greek philoshopher puzzle

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    If he (the smartest philosopher) had nothing on his head, then he realized that the second smartest philosopher would have quickly worked out that the third smartest was laughing only at the second smartest philosopher, and thus the second smartest philosopher would have stopped laughing.

    aanand Curious Answered on 6th September 2016.

    read the question properly

    on 6th September 2016.
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    The one who stopped laughing realized that he too must have something on his head as the other two are laughing at his as well.

    pri Starter Answered on 24th September 2016.
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    Beacuse he is the smartest of all.

    All three are laughing at others cause there was “after digestion secretion” of bird. But no one know about their own shit on forehead.

    But the wise of all thought that he must also victim of shitt as other two are laughing at him.

    Bravo brilliant!

    sainath495 Curious Answered on 16th October 2016.
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