Guards and Prisoners Riddle


There are three guards and three prisoners who need to cross a river. Their boat only holds two people at a time, and the number of prisoners must not be allowed to outnumber the number of guards on either side of the river; otherwise, the prisoners will overpower the guards and, well, the story will come to an abrupt end.

Determine how many trips it will take to safely transport all of the guards and prisoners across the river, list each of the trips that need to be made and who is in the boat and who is on each of the riverbanks during each trip.

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    Three trips

    Two pairs on one side of river who want to go across and one pair of guard and prisoner on opposite side.

    One of the two pairs goes across then the sole pair on that side comes across

    The last pair goes in the boat across

    Nikhilesh Expert Answered on 23rd April 2020.
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