Halo colour guessing puzzle


There is a Christmas tree and four angels are sitting on it amidst the other ornaments.
Two of them have black halos and
two of them have white halos.
No body among them can see above their head.

Angel A is sitting on the top branch and can see angels B and C sitting below him. B can see C who is sitting in a branch lower than his. Angel D is at the base of the tree and can’t be seen due to the branches in between. Also, he can’t see anybody as well.

If they are asked to guess the color of their own halo (they dont know that), who do you think will be able to deduce and speak up first with a right answer?


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    CASE 1:
     Suppose both B and C have halos of same colour. Then, angel A will immediately say the other colour.

    CASE 2:
     Suppose B and C have halos of different colour. Then, angel A will not answer anything. So, angel B realises he and C have halos of different colours, so he says the colour other than what C has. (i.e. Black if C has white and vice-versa).

    GeNiUs Genius Answered on 4th December 2015.
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    B will tell his halo color,

    It can be deduced as if B & C had same colour, A would have told his color easily but he did not tell that means B & C have different color halos.

    B can see C halo, so he can deduce his own color easily.

    vipunita15 Guru Answered on 17th January 2017.
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