Hot Cup of coffee and cream riddle


You are served a hot cup of coffee and room-temperature cream at a restaurant. You want to wait a few minutes before you drink the coffee, and you want it to be as hot as possible when you drink it. Should you pour the cream in the coffee:

a) Immediately
b) Just before you drink it
c) It doesn’t matter


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    Immediately. This is because cream is lighter and will float on the surface. This will reduce the chances of heat loss taking from the surface, thus keeping the coffee hot for larger duration

    Animesh Scholar Answered on 1st July 2017.
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    c) It doesn’t matter
    Explanation:What are the  possibilities
    1.If it ice cream is below room temperature it will cool the coffee.
    2.If it ice cream is above room temperature(hypothetical) it will heat the coffee.
    since the ice cream is in room temperature no heat transfer takes place so it doesn’t matter when you put it.

    Resinb Curious Answered on 2nd May 2017.
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    b. Just before serving

    radkan Scholar Answered on 5th April 2017.
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