How many phones can be charged at once?


How many phones can be charged at once? All are two-pin plugs and the power supply is given to the single switchboard shown in the wall.

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    Answer8 Sockets are useful i.e.  Phones can be charges at once

    As shown in the picture, There are 3 defects in the extensions-
    1) The wire is Cut, so the extension is of no use
    2) There is no wire attached to the extension, so no use.
    3) In the extension, there is only one hole for the plug, so it can’t be used.

    Counting the remaining after connecting each other, comes out to be 8.

    Vinaykumar Genius Answered on 19th April 2020.
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    i’m not sure but i don’t think any mobile would be charged using these extensions . Cause judging by the picture i think the extensions are 3 -pin charger cables . And the main socket supports only the 2 pin charger cable , so no mobile would be able to get charged using these extensions .
    But if the extension cables are 2 pin charger then the total number of mobiles that can be charged at a time are 12 .
    plug one extension with 4 plug points to the main socket and then plug the remaining extension cables to this extension .
    so we will have 12 free plug points now to charge the mobiles .

    Stacked Pundit Answered on 19th April 2020.

    Nice point, but if we assure it to be of 2 pin. Still 12 phones can be charges at once 🙂 .
    Try again, to fry the puzzle. ?

    on 19th April 2020.

    Ooh didn’t see that torn plug at first . then 8 mobiles would be charged at once .
    plug the 4 plug point extension first , then we have 3 useful extension and 3 useful plug points .
    so 8 mobiles can be charged at once .

    on 19th April 2020.

    Yep! You got it right??

    on 19th April 2020.
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    12 sockets are free

    Pmula Starter Answered on 26th April 2020.
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