Ice cream at huge discount puzzle


On occasion of Diwali festival, the Ice cream seller is selling ice cream at an 80% discount.
But, he got just two flavors, vanilla and strawberry. He is selling vanilla at Rs 10 and strawberry at Rs 20. However, he is giving just one ice cream to each person.
Nisha went to the shop and give the seller Rs.20 and without asking her the seller gives her strawberry ice cream. Next, Anuj comes and also gave the seller the same amount i.e. Rs 20. Now the seller asks Anuj which ice-cream does he wants.

Why such a different behavior towards Nisha and Anuj?

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    Nisha gave Rs20 as two Rs10 rupees.So the ice cream seller understood she needs strawberry ice-cream.Otherwise she will on give a single 10 rupee note.But Anuj gave a single Rs20 notes so the Ice cream seller ask him which ice cream he want.

    In practical situation ice cream seller will ask which ice cream they want in both case because they may want 2 vanilla ice-cream for the 20 rupee .

    dyj Expert Answered on 17th October 2016.
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