Identify the kidnapper


Look carefully in the picture below.
Can you identify who is the kidnapper?

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    Would it be option C?
    Based on the positioning of the children, you could assume that the kidnapper is C as option A has somebody walking with a child at the same pace and isn’t wearing a cap which would give the kidnapper something to hide some of their features and option B wouldn’t be it because they seem closer indicating they could be familiar with each other and the person is holding something that could be another cap or a bag which more than likely could be the child’s.
    I think it’s option C because the person is looking away and is kinda dragging the kid along with them because they are further apart and the kid is a bit hesitant.
    You can see that as a kidnapper looking for any sign that anybody is watching and a child who is kinda distrustful of the adult.

    ShadowKing37 Guru Answered on 29th March 2020.
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    codeanshul Curious Answered on 20th April 2020.
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