implement isPalindrome(int n)

Implement the function boolean isPalindrome (int n);

Which will return true if the bit-wise representation of the integer 
is a palindrome and false otherwise.
Mehar Starter Asked on 31st July 2015 in Amazon Interview Puzzles.
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    bool isNthBitSet(unsigned int x, unsigned int n)
        return (x & (1 << (n-1)))? true: false;
    bool isPalindrome(unsigned int x)
        int l = 1; // Initialize left position
        int r = sizeof(unsigned int)*8; // initialize right position
        // One by one compare bits
        while (l < r)
            if (isNthBitSet(x, l) != isNthBitSet(x, r))
                return false;
        return true;
    Pranav Jain Scholar Answered on 27th April 2016.
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