In the Forest


The king’s only children, Abel, Benjamin and Paula, went into the forest with their friend, the elderly Sir Kay. They wanted to try their skill with their bows and arrows. Each of them started with same number of arrows.
When all the arrows had been shot, it was discovered that:

1. Sir Kay brought down more game than Princess Paula.
2. Prince Benjamin captured more than Sir Kay.
3. Princess Paula’s arrows went truer than Prince Abel’s.

Who was the best marksman that day?

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    Prince Benjamin. We know that Sir Kay shot down more than Princess Paula (statement 1), and that Prince Benjamin captured more than Sir Kay (statement 2).
    Therefore, Prince Benjamin captured more than either Sir Kay or Princess Paula.
    In addition, we know that Princess Paula hit more than Prince Abel (statement 3). Therefore, Prince Benjamin was more successful than Sir Kay, Paula or Abel.

    rahul Guru Answered on 17th July 2015.
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