Japan Plus Panama is What


If Japan and Panama decided to merge into a single country, probably people will name it Japanama.

Can you think of two more such country’s unions that could produce similar names like Japanama by overlapping their three letters?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 5th February 2023 in Funny.
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    Here are some:

    1. Finland and Andorra > finlandorra
    2. Serbia and Biafra > Serbiafra
    3. Ireland and Andora > Irelandora
    4. Belarus and Russia > Belarussia
    5. Sweden and Denmark > Swedenmark
    6. Vietnam and Namibia > Vietnamibia
    7. Nauru and Uruguay > Nauruguay
    8. Nicaragua and Guatemala > Nicaraguatemala
    9. Niger and Germany > Nigermany
    Moshe Expert Answered on 21st February 2023.
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