John and 40 thieves riddle


John was running from 40 thieves. John has got 3 gold boxes which weigh as 4kg, 2kg, and 1kg respectively. A witty man asked John to stay with him for seven days in exchange for 1kg gold per day. John needs to stay there for seven days and also do not want to give the witty man any advance.

How can John pay in his seven days stay?

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    first day john gave 1kg goldbox
    2nd day john gave 2 kg goldbox and take 1kg gold box from that man.
    on 3rd day john gave 1 kg gold box
    on 4th day john gave 4 kg gold box and take ( 2kg box +1kg box from that man)
    on 5th day john gave 1kg goldbox
    on 6th day john gave 2kg goldbox and take 1kg goldbox from that man
    on 7th day john gave 1kg box
    by this john stay for 7 day days without gave any advance

    Sherlock Guru Answered on 16th August 2018.
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