Least time to toast the bread puzzle


It takes ten minutes to toast a bread (five minutes for each side). You are toasting the bread in a pan that can accommodate only two breads at one time.

What is the least amount of time by which you can toast all the three breads you have?

bread toasting puzzle

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    15 MINUTES

    AZ Scholar Answered on 23rd January 2016.
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    15 mins,

    first 5 min : bread 1 and 2 : single side will get rost
    first 10 min : bread 2’s second side get roast and bread 3rd’s one side : bread 2 roasted completely.
    first 15 min : Bread 2’s and 3rd’s second side will get roast.

    chaitali Curious Answered on 23rd January 2016.
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    Shanu katolkar Genius Answered on 18th April 2016.
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