Logicians Bar Riddle


Three logicians went to bar for having a drink.
The bar person asks the logicians “Do they all want to have the drink?”.
The first logician replied, ” I don’t know”.
The second logician replied, ” I don’t know”.

What is the reply of the last logician?

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    The third Logician can  Answer with ‘Yes’

    The first person answered ‘I don’t know’ because he wants to drink and he  was not sure about others, If he himself not wants to drink he should have answered with ‘No’
    Same was the case of the Second logician
    For the Third logician, he only needs to consider whether he wants a drink or not. because from the answers of other logicians he gets to know that others want to drink.
    So he can answer with either ‘Yes’  or ‘No’ depending on whether he needs the drink or not.

    dyj Expert Answered on 14th June 2018.
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