Magical circle trap puzzle


Suppose you are trapped by a witch  in a magical circle of radius 100 feet.
Whenever you try to move a step (1
feet) in any direction, witch can decide to let you move a step in that  direction, or pull you back one step in opposite direction.

Can you get  out of the circle? If yes, then if each step take one second and you do  not lose any time in between two steps, in how much time can you get  out?witch magical trap puzzle

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    Only gonna work if I am at centre .
    First step –  I will move in any direction .
    Second step – I will move in perpendicular direction to straight line joining me to centre.

    Now even she pull me back. My distance from centre will still increase.
    Now continuing  this every time you will notice my distance from centre is root 1 then after next step root 2 then root 3 .when finally it will be root 10000 we will get out.
    Since going from every step to next step takes a second so going from root 1 to root 10000 will take 10000 seconds.

    Yodha Expert Answered on 15th May 2016.
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