A man comes home from work and says “honey I m home” Puzzle


A man comes home from work and says “honey I m home”. The microwave is on, defrosting a chicken dinner. From the bedroom his wife shouts “Hi sweetie, could you have a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?”

He immediately runs out and calls the police, informing him that his wife is in danger? Why?

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    The time left was 9 minutes 11 seconds.. i.e. 9:11, 911 is the emergency number..

    Depp Scholar Answered on 28th December 2016.
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    I think the husband and wife are on the phone talking and when the man walks in the door he is still on the phone to his wife. That’s why when he says “I’m home” without shouting out, she hears him from her bedroom. Then, when she shouts out to him instead of chatting on the phone, he knows something is wrong. He goes outside and “immediately” calls the cops because his phone is still in his hands.

    V3lissia Starter Answered on 31st December 2016.
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    Even though this question is marked “answered”, I would say that it is ‘faulty’ on TWO counts, especially looking at the accepted ‘best answer’.

    1. The question says “From the bedroom his wife shoutsHi sweetie, could you have a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?” and “He immediately runs out and calls the police“. It is nowhere stated that the husband actually looked at the microwave, whereas the “Best answer” assumes that he did and saw the time left is 9:11, prompting him to dial the Emergency. If it is acceptable to assume that the husband checked the microwave (even though the question doesn’t mention it), it must be equally acceptable to assume that the man is blind, as in dyj’s answer.

    2. Further, if the wife was in the bedroom, how on earth could she know that the time left is EXACTLY 9 min 11 sec., not a second more and not a second less?

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 6th January 2017.
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    Considering all the possibilities, a feasible solution is that the wife was about to defrost the dinner but at the same time a few thieves broke in, falling short of ways to save herself she pressed 911 on the microwave timer (this can be safely assumed as it is nowhere mentioned that the food was actually being defrosted, only the microwave was on). She did this on purpose as she knew it was time for her husband to come. Now as the thieves heard the sound of the door opening they dragged her to the bedroom and told her to reply to his husband so that he doesn’t suspect that there’s someone else in their home, but little did they knew that she had already planted her message. Hence the husband called 911.

    SherlockSinha Starter Answered on 8th May 2018.
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    The man comes home and the first thing he hears is someone rummaging around in the kitchen—or maybe he sees a shadow being cast by a person in the kitchen. He assumes it’s his wife. His wife calls to him. He knows the person in the kitchen is not someone visiting his wife because she’d have called to them instead seeing as they’re actually in the kitchen. He knows she’s being held at the point of a weapon because if there are intruders and she weren’t being threatened she’d have warned him. He’s outgunned, and has no idea how many of them are in the house, so he runs before they know he’s wise to them and calls the cops. I think the reason she asked him to check the microwave is because she was being told to lure him into the kitchen.

    LavenderTess Starter Answered on 13th April 2019.
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    The husband is blind ,So in normal condition wife will not ask him to look and tell how much time left in the microwave.But now wife asked him to do the same that means there is something unusual going on .So the husband understood that his wife is in some kind of danger.

    dyj Expert Answered on 15th December 2016.

    He came from work so no sign on being blind

    on 17th December 2016.

    Where in question it is said that he is blind??

    on 29th December 2016.

    Who thinks that blind people cannot work? I believe this answer is correct, it was my solution as well.

    on 31st December 2016.

    They do work, but it is not mentioned in the problem anywhere. U r not supposed to assume anything.

    on 1st January 2017.

    The question asks ‘how did he know his wife was in danger’ if we assume that ‘he’s blind’ is the answer, then of course they aren’t going to mention it in the actual riddle.

    on 23rd January 2018.
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