Man in the Hotel


There was a man he lives in a hotel each morning he presses the first floor button each evening if there is a person in the elevator he asks him to press the 10 floor button if there is no one in the elevator he takes the stairs why.

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    The man is (was) one of a very short stature – so short that he couldn’t reach the button for 10th floor, whereas he could (barely) manage to press the 1st floor button (because, on the keypad, the ‘1’ button would be at a lower level than the ’10’ one). So, when he has to go out, he can press the ‘1’ button to go down, whereas coming back, he has to take the help of someone else to press the ’10’ for him. If there is no one else to help, he is left with no option but to take the stairs.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 21st December 2021.
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