Meeting at a Distance


The two towns are exactly 100 km apart. John leaves City A driving at 30 km/hr and Jacob leaves City B half an hour later driving at 60 km/hr. Who will be closer to City A when they meet?

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    The answer depends om what is meant by “meet”. If it means touching a specific point / line (crossing), both will be at the SAME distance – say, X km from A and Y km from B, so that X + Y 100. ((To be more precise,43.33 km from A and 56.67 km from B.)

    On the other hand,  ifmeet‘ is taken in its ‘casual meaning’ of ‘seeing each other‘,  then, when they meet, John will be closer to A (some distance less than 43.33km) whereas Jacob will be at some distance more than that, whereas he will be closer to B, his starting point.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 17th March 2023.
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