Merry Go round riddle


While enjoying a giddy ride at the carousel Sammy propounded a puzzle which reflects much credit to his mental abilities.
“One third of the number of kids riding ahead of me, added to three-quarter of those riding behind me gives the correct number of children on this Merry-Go-Round” is the way he puts it; but it will puzzle you quite a little to tell just how many riders there were at this whirling circus.

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    13 riders total

    In merry go round total number of person ahead of a person will be equal to total number of person behind him. and it will be same as the number of persons minus one, that is total number of persons in the merry go round excluding that person.

    so if total number of person in the merry go round id x+1

    then here 1/3*x+3/4*x=x+1

    by solving it x=12

    so total number of person is x+1=12+1=13

    dyj Expert Answered on 26th December 2018.
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