Mistakes in the antique shop picture riddle


Below is the picture of antique shop in which there are 9 mistakes, can you find them?

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    1. Tiger Horn – Tiger doesn’t have horns.
    2. CHESSBOARD – Number of squares in chess board are 49(7 x 7) instead of 64(8 x 8)
    3. Sun – Sun do not rise at night (1pm)
    4. Tail – The dog is having a tail like a cat.
    5. Aquarium – Fish tank contains butterflies
    6. Shirt – The boy wearing shirt one with half and one with full.
    7. Guitar – Check guitar top, its like of Sitar
    8. Window – One window opens inside and another outside.
    9. Shoe – The man in the painting is wearing just one shoe.

    Detective Expert Answered on 26th January 2017.
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    I would also add the Tower , it should be with a slope not straight

    marvinhanna Starter Answered on 27th April 2017.
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