Move the cards three times to make three piles of 8 cards riddle


Place three piles of cards on a table, one with 11 cards, the second with 7, and the third with 6.

You are to move the cards so that each pile holds 8 cards. You may add to any pile only as many cards as it already contains. All the cards must come from one other pile. You have only three moves.
For example, if a pile holds 6 cards, you may add 6 to it, no more or less.PlayingCards

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    Initially three piles contains cards as       11      7          6

    1.Take 7 cards from pile 1 and put it in the pile Two so each  pile has           4       14     6

    2.Take  6 cards from pile 2 and put it in pile 3  so  piles has                           4       8      12

    3.Now take 4 cards from pile 3 and put it in pile 1                                          8      8       8  

    dyj Expert Answered on 14th November 2016.
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    11-7-6. Take 3 from pile 1 and place on pile 2, 8-10-6. Take 2 from pile 2 and place on pile 3, 8-8-8.

    Jvopoly Starter Answered on 16th November 2016.
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