Murder mystery puzzle


A boy was found dead by his friend Jason. The police arrived after the Jason called the police. Jason was asked how he found the boy, so Jason responded: “I was out taking a jog when I came to his house. I decided to stop by and say hi. I looked through a window and as frost being on the glass, I wiped away the frost to see inside. As I looked I say him lying here on the ground with a pool of blood around him and I there upon decided to go into the house. The front door-“.

But after hearing this the police decided they had heard enough and arrested Jason. How did they know he was lying?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 1st August 2017 in Popular puzzles.
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    Jason said he was jogging and “decided to stop by and say hi” to his friend. If that indeed were the case, he should have gone straight to the door and rang the bell or knocked, and if – and only if – there was no response from inside, looked elsewhere. Instead, why did he “look through a window” first up?

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 1st August 2017.
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    Frost forms on the inside surface of window.

    sciopbeast Curious Answered on 20th June 2018.
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