Mysterious Island


A man is surviving on an island along with his friend. They have been starving for four days for food. Suddenly, they find a fisherman. The friend goes with the fisherman in order to catch the fish (if they can find any).

The fisherman returns after some time but he is alone and has some salmon that he had prepared. When asked, the fisherman tells him that his best friend fell off the boat and drowned in the water. Starving for so long, he eats the meal while crying for his friend.

After being rescued, he goes to a diner and orders salmon. When he eats his meal, he jumps and commits suicide. Why did he do it?

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    Assumption: The man hadn’t eaten salmon before he and his friend got stranded on the island.

    When the fisherman offered him the dish he claimed to be salmon, the man believed him and consumed the dish. Later, when he ordered salmon at the diner, he expected a similar experience. But the dish – the real salmon – he was served got him stumped. He understood that the fisherman had lied – not only about the dish but about his friend’s death as well – the fisherman had killed his friend.  Thinking further, it is also possible that the ‘salmon dish’ the killer fisherman offered him might, in fact, have been his friend’s flesh (which he couldn’t have thought of earlier because he had no prior experience of salmon dish). That thought must have been more than enough to shatter his mind and drive him to suicide.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 23rd November 2022.
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