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A NA A SA A A ….

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    i think it must be  x or y
    because in  A NA A SA A A …. A gets increased by one more A in every sequence (i.e., A  then AA and by AAA)
    and also it starts with N in first sequence and then by S (i.e., by going four more alphabets in the alphabetical order) and so the letter must be x (i.e., same by going through four more alphabets in the alphabetical order). And it can also be possible that as A is increasing in descending order, forthcoming letter can also go through by five more alphabets in the alphabetical order i.e., y.

    karthi Guru Answered on 28th December 2017.
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    The answer must be EU…a+Antartica, NA = north america, SA=south america,…..

    KABBOROO Curious Answered on 17th January 2018.
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