Optical Illusion Puzzle – How many faces can you see in the picture?


This painting is painted by well known artist Octavio Ocampo, He called it “Calvary”.

There are a number of hidden faces in the picture, can you spot the total number of faces in the picture?

Calvary is a painting of hope. Christ’s face is heavy with sorrow as he takes on the sins of the world and makes his incredible sacrifice on the cross. Through the face of Jesus suffering, we can see the crucifixion which is the sacrifice Christ made for all humanity. The middle left side of the painting depicts the sacrifices made by Christian martyrs.

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    I can spot 9 faces.

    Akash Kumar Default Answered on 7th August 2015.
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    bharathraj Curious Answered on 19th January 2016.
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    I found 10 faces.

    Abhidha21 Starter Answered on 4th May 2020.
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