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John went to a parrot shop in Mexico, and the parrot owner told him that his parrot is so unique that he repeats everything he hears. John got excited and immediately bought the parrot. John went home and spoke many words, but the parrot does not repeat anything.
He went again to the parrot shop and complaint to the shopkeeper, but the shopkeeper never lied. Explain?

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    The parrot owner / shopkeeper had said that his parrot … repeats everything he hears‘. The parrot was deaf, so he couldn’t hear anything. So there was no way he could say anything. (The owner / shopkeeper hadn’t said anything about the parrot being able to hear! So he didn’t lie – or, at least, it’s impossible to prove that he lied about the parrot’s ability to speak.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 5th March 2023.
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