Peacock and egg puzzle


If a peacock and a half, lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half.
How many eggs can a peacock lay in three days?

PS:- Use logic

peacock brain teaser

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    Peacocks do not lay eggs. It is the peahen which lays the egg.
    As per Hint – Use Logic, Logic says Peacocks do not lay eggs.

    Detective Expert Answered on 14th March 2016.
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    Because in each term we are adding a constant quantity i.e. 1/2  to each terms
    so if we remove 1/2 from each term we get

    Peacock , egg, day

    Answer seems to be 3

    aayush Guru Answered on 14th March 2016.
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    Answer : 2 eggs

    Using logic and assuming that the initial premise (first statement) is true, we have:

    Given: 1.5 days –> 1.5 peacock, 1.5 eggs

    Double time ==> double eggs for same number of peacocks
    3 days –> 1.5 peacock, 3 eggs

    2/3 number of peacocks ==> 2/3 eggs for same time
    3 days –> 1 peacock, 2 eggs

    Srikar Settur Scholar Answered on 15th March 2016.
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