Probability of meeting someone puzzle…..


What is the probability of meeting someone in your lifetime who is having an above average number of arms?

1) Impossible
2) Unlikely
3) Fifty Fifty
4) Fairly Likely
5) Certain


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    If you find the average of umber of arms,  then it would be less than 2. Hence when you are looking for person who is having an above average number of arms i.e person with two hands then the probability of meeting that person is certain.

    Hence ans is:
    5) Certain

    ketul Expert Answered on 26th October 2015.
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    Answer: Certain
    The average of umber of arms is less then two because of people born without arms  or with one arm or lost it by accident. So all the normal people who have 2 arms are above the average.

    Moshe Expert Answered on 20th December 2022.
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