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A 15-year footballer John was offered a contract with a club name “Football” that if he will practice 1 hour extra after school he will be offered 11$ after every week.
John, however, suggested an alternative paid method in which
He will be paid just a penny on his first day.
Two pence will be paid on the second day,
Four pence will be paid on the third day.
And so on till 11th day.

Should the club accept the offer of John ?

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    The club should not accept the offer.

    1 penny first day,2 pence second day and going on like this will give a geometric series  is given by formula a*(r^n-1)/(r-1)

    Where a value fo first term here it is 1, r is the common multiple here it is 2. n is the total number of the term here it is 11.

    So by using this formula number of pence needed to pay to john is 1*(2^10-1)/(2-1)=2047 pence is 20.47$

    but according to the 11$ for a week, the club only needed to pay is 17.29$.

    so for the club 11$ per week plan is beneficient.

    dyj Expert Answered on 22nd June 2018.
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