Robert’s surpise Birthday party Puzzle


David is throwing Robert a surprise birthday party but he has to stay within his budget. He spent half of his money plus $2.00 on the cake. Half of what he had left plus $2.00 was spent on balloons and streamers. Then he spent half of what he had left plus $1.00 on candy.

Now he is out of money, how much did he start with?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 13th October 2017 in No Category.
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    Answer is 20.
    Let’s say he has x dollars with him.
    1. On cake, he spends its half plus 2, so he is left with: x-(x/2+2) = x/2-2

    2. On balloons and streamers, he spends half of the left plus 2
    Left: (x/2-2) -(x/4-1+2)= x/4 -3.

    3. On candy, half the left plus 1
    Left: (x/4-3) -(x/8-3/2+1)= 0
    Solving, x=20.

    nbansal Scholar Answered on 13th October 2017.
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