School Inspector and Teacher


An inspection by the superintendent of St. Joseph School was scheduled on the next day. The class teacher Jenifer knew that he would be asking questions from her class and she would have to choose a pupil to answer. To offer a perfect impression over him, the teacher explained certain instructions to the students to maximise the chances of getting correct answer every time.

What did she say to the students?

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    She told her students to raise their hands for every question. However, she also mentioned that students who know the correct answer should raise their one hand say left.  While other students who are not sure, can raise their other hand (right).. Then she would ask only those students who know the correct answer (those who have raised left hand)….

    Since every student is raising their hands, the superintendent will think all the students know the answers!

    bhola99 Expert Answered on 20th October 2021.
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