School Killer mystery riddle

It’s been the first day of the School when a boy Ronit was found murdered. Police suspect four teachers as the killer and asks them what they were doing in the morning at 11:00 am.
1. Anshu           : I was reading the newspaper.
2. Eshu         : I was checking chemistry papers
3. Saurabh     : I had locked myself in my room as my wife left me.
4. Abhinav            : I was preparing speech for orientation.
Who is the killer?
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    The Killer is Eshu.  Because no one is correct the paper on the first day of the school because no written the exams at day one.

    lakshminarayanan Scholar Answered on 10th May 2017.

    thats right

    on 10th May 2017.
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    obviously its Eishu as the answer the teacher made was correcting the chemistry papers because it was the first day the student got murdered and also it cannot be possible that on first day itself tests will be conducted..

    karthi Guru Answered on 28th December 2017.
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