Secret Message for you Puzzle


Detective Akash is on a secret mission and he wants to send a message to you.

Detective Akash got a secret device by which he can only use below words for sending the message-
Zebra, Walk, Eleven, Technique, Lazy, One, Pizza, Psycho, Train, Quiz, Rear, Chemic, None,Fruits, Soldier, Train, Beam, You, Yolk, Legend.

Detective Akash sends the following message to his you:
Walk None Lazy Chemic One Beam Eleven
Train Psycho
Pizza You Zebra Quiz Legend Technique Fruits Rear Yolk

Can you decode the Message? What is the message?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 11th May 2017 in Aptitude Question.
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    Answer- Welcome To PuzzleFry

    First character of first word last character of 2nd word, like wise go on

    Detective Expert Answered on 12th May 2017.
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