Sherlock shoots the pilot riddle

Detective Sherlock entered a restaurant, he heard a voice coming from the kitchen of the restaurant “No Andrew, Don’t shoot“.
Just after that, he heard a falling down of a person. Sherlock rushed into the kitchen where he found women lying dead on the floor and there were three persons. All three persons were very close to the dead body and the gun was in close proximity of all of them.
These three persons were “An Actor” , “A Doctor” and “A Pilot”.

Sherlock shoots the pilot. Why ?

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    Heard – No Andrew, Don’t shoot
    Here Andrew is a Man.

    When Sherlock entered, he saw-
    2 Women – An Actor, A Doctor
    1 Man – A Pilot

    It means Andrew is the Pilot and the murderer.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered 3 days ago.

    How you deduced that Actor and doctor were female….. and Pilot was male…..

    7 hours ago.
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    Pilot nametag is Andrew ……. the one who shoots the girl based on the conversation ” “No Andrew, Don’t shoot“.

    glimpse07 Curious Answered 5 days ago.
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