Sherlock two pills riddle


A taxi driver who is a serial killer kidnaps his passenger and force the passenger to play the game of death with him.
Game: There are two pills in two separate bottles on the table. One of them is harmless and the other one is poisonous. The passenger will choose one pill and the killer need to pick the other pill and both simultaneously will swallow the pill with water.
Every time the passenger dies.
One day driver kidnaps the Sherlock and forces him to play the same game with him.
Sherlock solves the mystery of the two pills and remains alive.

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    Watch serial killer eye and found

    INDRAJITH Starter Answered on 29th June 2018.
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    Beacuse the pill is not poisonous, instead the water is  mixed with poison.

    sjprvnn Starter Answered on 2nd July 2018.
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