Small room to Big room lateral thinking puzzle


Jim entered in a small room.

Door Closed

When the door opened, Jim is in a big room.

How that’s possible?

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    AnswerJim was in an Elevator

    he entered into small room(Elevator)
    Door Closed
    Door Opened
    Entered into Big Room(Elevator reached to the floor)

    Victor Curious Answered on 6th December 2017.

    The answer doesn’t seem to make sense. Or should I say it’s the puzzle itself that makes no sense?

    The puzzle says “When the door opened, Jim is in a big room”. If Jim was IN the elevator, that doesn’t put him in a big room “when the door opened”. He can be in the “big room” if and only when he EXITS from the “small room”. But if that be the case, he could be in ANY “small room” – not necessarily an elevator. He enters a small room, door closes, then door opens, and he exits from the “small room” thereby entering a big room.

    on 6th December 2017.
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