Suicide Mystery Riddle


A man 5’11” high is found dead in a closed room.
This room is found empty with some puddle of water.

The man was died by hanging himself to a 12 feet high fan.
How did the man die ?

Did he committed suicide ???

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    There was a large cube of ice approximately 1 feet in height on which the man was standing.
    as the ice melted it left a puddle of water and the man died.
    as for the whether it was a suicide or not
    the data seems insufficient.
    Though if I had to state whether it was or not a suicide then I would say it was not as the ice melts slowly and its not how people commit suicide.

    Jerry Scholar Answered on 24th December 2015.
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    as described there is small amount of water puddles so there might not be the case that there will be ice cube … also as the room is totally packed so there would be more ime for water to evaporate hence the water of the ice melting should be more ..hence it is not a suicide it is a murder..

    suraj Guru Answered on 30th May 2016.
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