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The day before yesterday Mr Puzzle was 17.  Next year he will be 20.  How can that be the case?

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    This sentence was made on 1st January.
    Mr Puzzel’s birthday is on 31st December.  He was 17 the day before yesterday.
    He was 18 yesterday.
    He will be 19 this year, and 20 next year!

    Example –
    Birthday on 31 Dec 2010.   Statement made on 1st January 2011.
    on 30th Dec 2010 – Mr Puzzle is 17 Yrs Old
    on 31th Dec 2010 – Mr Puzzle is 18 Yrs Old
    on 1st Jan 2011 – Mr Puzzle is 17 Yrs Old but in this year only on 31th Dec 2011 – He will be 19yrs Old
    Next year – on 31th Dec 2012 – He will be 20yrs Old

    ronit Guru Answered on 5th August 2015.
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    May be he born on 29 feb

    bharathraj Curious Answered on 19th January 2016.
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