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There is a person who delivers milk to houses. He has lost some of his measuring utensils. He has left with only 3 utensils of sizes 3 Liters, 5 Liters, and 8 Liters. The Milkman is having 8 Liters of milk and he has to deliver 4 Liters of milk. Your Task is to help him measure exactly 4 Liters using the above mentioned utensils only. You can tell him the solution by writing steps or by drawing the utensils and coloring the parts filled with milk.

mughalgee001996 Curious Asked on 16th November 2018 in Puzzles.
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    fill 3 litre
    put that milk  in 5 litre .again fill 3 litre put that in 5 litre 1 litre will be left in 3 litre put all 5 litres back I n 8 litre put 1 litre in 5 litre now  fill 3 litre  then put that 3  litre in  five litre he will have 4 litre milk in 5 litre

    Yodha Expert Answered on 16th November 2018.
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