Thief in Grocery store Riddle


A guy walks into a store and steals a $200 bill from the register without the owners knowledge.

He then buys $150 worth of goods using the $200 bill and the owner gives $50 in change.

How much money did the owner lose?

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    Answer $200

    For the rest of the product he got the money he should have got, so the only loss is the stolen $200 bill

    For                  Expend    He Got      Profit/Loss
    Stolen                 $200           $0           Loss   $200
    Product Sold      $150          $200        Profit  $50
    Return Change .   $50           $0           Loss .  $50
    TOTAL                                                LOSS $200

    KABBOROO Curious Answered on 17th January 2018.
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    Hankvirat Curious Answered on 18th January 2018.
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    The cost of the product for the owner needs to be less than $150, or else this is not a store that makes a profit. $150 is the retail price  to the buyer, that’s why the change is $50 when $200 are paid. Losing the goods represents a cost of less than $150 for the owner.
    The action of first stealing the $200 and then after a while giving it all back cancel each other. The two transactions are equivalent to the guy just entering the store once and jedi-mind-trick convincing the owner that he’s already paid $200. He then gets the goods and the $50 change in exchange for nothing.
    So the correct answer is the loss totals $50+the cost of the product, and not $200!

    michaelshu Starter Answered on 10th May 2020.
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